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Adventures by Moonlight

Designed for: Personal Project


When an angry God decides to unleash The Second Great Flood and gives the entire animal kingdom the ability to speak, our only hope is a lonely minotaur who has secretly been living among us as a human.

GREENER PASTURES tells the story of TREVOR BOVIS, a lonely minotaur secretly living in suburbia and masquerading as a human. Long ago turning his back on his mute animal brethren, Trevor now practices tax law. When an angry GOD commands The Second Great Flood to teach humanity another lesson in humility, a resurrected NOAH rises from the ocean and animals everywhere begin to speak! Trevor suddenly realises he is no longer alone.


The "talkers" are labelled abominations and are impounded by the military. As an army of fugitive abattoir cattle begins a long march for freedom in rural New South Wales, Trevor’s best friend, COLIN McGUINN (a hapless but irrepressible animal and social activist), convinces Trevor that this is their call to action. The stakes are raised with the appearance of God's Angel of Death, ABADDON, who begins assassinating "talkers" and their allies (Trevor's activist friends). All this and a multinational developer plans to build a shopping mall on the repossessed farm of Trevor's adoptive parents (a farm which was lost because of Trevor). 

Between Trevor, Noah and Colin may be the key to stopping humanity's annihilation, and saving the family farm.

A mammoth finale brings all the opposing forces together in a thrilling battle in the heart of the city.

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