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24 x 30 minute heart pumping episodes

CGI adult fantasy adventure

“Never walk away from your home ahead of your axe and sword. 

You can not feel a battle in your bones or forsee a fight.”


In ancient times, Viking Berserkers called Ulfhednar were fierce shape-shifters with divine strength. Led on one last mission by the stalwart Arne, the warriors found themselves sucked into a maelstrom only to emerge in feudal Japan.
Shipwrecked and isolated, they battle terrifyingly sophisticated foes while encountering new gods and demons.
To make their way home they must forge a Path of Odin. 

Path of Odin is a visceral adult adventure delivered in a style reminiscent of  “American Gods”, “Primal”, “Vikings”, “Samurai Jack” and “Game of Thrones”. 


An animated, savage and emotionally harrowing experience. 

The series will not just showcase Berserker Vikings in brutal fights, it is centred on complex characters struggling through family upheavals and crises of faith as they try to shape their destinies.

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